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We must march for our futures.

How do we send a message to our society that is so loud that they halt in their tracks and take action to stop climate change? How do we get them to listen to our demands to stop emitting, stop polluting, and stop making excuses? How do we get them to make decisions that help instead of threaten future generations?

Just like Martin Luther King Jr. fighting for civil rights, Ghandi resisting British colonialism, women demanding their right to vote, and students rising up against the Vietnam War, we will march for climate action. Sign up to organize an iMatter march in your town. We’ll join with youth and friends in cities all across the country and all around the world – on the same day, with the same message: “iMatter.”

iMatter:This is NOT the end of the story!

This is not the time to stand idly by and watch the destruction of our planet. This is not the time to sit in fear of an uncertain future. This is the time to stand up and let our voices be heard! There are about 1.2 billion youth on Earth today. 34% of the population is people under the age of 24. We have power, and we have purpose. This is not the end of the story – this is the beginning of our revolution!