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We must march for change. We want a plan to stop burning fossil fuels. Reduce emissions 5% each year.

Every generation needs a new revolution. Thomas Jefferson. Our revolution is bigger than changing lightbulbs or riding bikes. Our revolution has to transform the hardest thing of all–the way we think. We need to band together and take action as a whole generation to transform our society to live and lead and govern as if our futures matter.

Dr. James Hansen, one of the world’s most prestigious climate scientists, first began warning us about climate change in the 1980′s. He, and a team of top climate scientists, have published a prescription of sorts to not only explain the problem, but he advises how to fix it. If you went to the doctor cause you had the flu and the doctor told you had a horrible fever of 105 and prescribed you medicine to help, would you take it? In Dr. Hansen’s newly released paper, he determines that our world has a really bad “fever” and the way to cure our illness: reduce our emissions 5% each year and plant millions of trees.

Make a pledge to reduce your use of fossil fuels by about 5% every year. That’s the best way to pressure our governments, our city councils, our school districts, local corporations and our families to commit to a 5% reduction plan as well.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. But we don’t need to wait till we grow up to come up with new solutions. We are some of the smartest, most creative people alive. And we think outside of the box. What kind of new technologies will decrease our reliance on fossil fuels? What will you invent?
Become a leader in your community by empowering your friends and peers across the country to become leaders of the world. Sign up to lead an iMatter march. Organizing a march is just the first step. Apply to be part of our iMatter Youth Activists program. As a youth activist you will be called upon throughout the year to organize various actions.