Youth have the moral authority and the legal right, as the generation most affected by the climate crisis, to demand that our governments protect the atmosphere for our future.

We don’t have the money to compete with corporate lobbyists, and we may not yet be able to vote, but we DO have a legal right to insist that the planet is protected for our future and for generations to come! We need our government to protect the atmosphere by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and put an end to our unhealthy reliance on fossil fuels.


Wikipedia says:“The public trust doctrine is the legal principle that certain resources are preserved for public use, and that the government is required to maintain them for the public’s reasonable use.”


No individual or corporation has the right to put as much carbon into the atmosphere as they want. And yet, that’s exactly what’s happening. The public trust law in our country and around the world says that common resources like water and air are held in TRUST by the government for the people and for future generations. A balanced atmosphere is one of the most important resources we need for our survival. So it should be protected by the government. But it’s NOT.

The problem is that our governments are prioritizing corporate interests and profits over our future. This must stop!


We are taking our governments to court to insist that they act as faithful trustees and put these Climate Recovery Plans in place. iMatter is partnering with a coalition of awesome attorneys from around the country and the world, organized by Our Children’s Trust, to bring our case to the court.

What we are asking for:
At least 6% Global CO2 Reduction Top climate scientists have determined what is needed to get our atmosphere balanced again at 350 ppm within a century:
• peak emissions in 2011
• least a 6% reduction in global CO2 emissions every year
• 100 gigaton reforestation (especially in the tropics)

It’s actually possible to stop the worst effects from happening if we transition to clean energy now. Some countries (like the US) need to drastically reduce emissions immediately. And some countries need to stop deforestation and replant trees. It’s going to take ALL of us working together.

But we must act now. The situation gets worse every year we wait. If we wait even a few years, we would have to cut emissions by 10% or even 20% per year. We can’t wait any longer and yet politics and worry about short term profits for huge corporations are keeping us stuck. That’s why these legal actions are so important. We, the youngest generation, need to use our legal right and moral authority to say STOP!

Future generations are depending on us to stand up for them now.