iMatter March | Bergen Community College Paramus NJ


DATE: May 10, 2011

TIME: 11am-2:00pm

START LOCATION: Bergen Community College

END LOCATION: Bergen Community College


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I’m from Colombia and my mother has always taught me to respect others; she always said “it doesn’t matter if it’s a person, a plant, wind, water or an animal; we all have to be respected.” So, I grew up with that idea. I remember that when I was a kid I would see a broken leaf, I would run to get a bandage and patch it up. Now im proudly the president of the environmental club at Bergen Community College; I also run a fifth graders environmental club called the “Paw Lovers”. It is so important to teach a younger generation how important our environment is. We live here and there is no other Earth so if we don’t take care of it what is going to happened then… This planet belongs to the younger generation and when they grow they will hand it to their younger generation. Overall becoming an environmentalist was a dream when I was a kid, now is a passion and when I get my degrees is going to become my life.