Our Voices can Change The World



It’s pretty clear that our government cares more about protecting corporate profits than they do about protecting the planet for our future. Our voices, as the youngest generation, must challenge the way things are because The Way Things Are is threatening our survival. Our voices need to be heard…how we are impacted, what we fear, the vision we have for our future. We really can be the most powerful force on earth. Our stories hold power to awaken compassion and offer courage to our leaders so that, together, we can change our society so that it values nature and future generations more than short term profits and convenience.

The iMatter Campaign is focused on awakening youth to the reality that our lives are at stake, and, uniting together, we are building a movement to:
• end our dependence on fossil fuels and transition to clean energy so that the CO2 in our atmosphere can balance again by the end of the century and
• build up our local communities so that they are healthy, self-sustaining, and just.

The video you see, above, is the first in a series of stories about young people who are plaintiffs in our iMatter lawsuits. We are insisting that our leaders step up to protect the atmosphere as a public trust and put Climate Recovery Plans into place that reduce emissions and restore habitats. Scientists like Dr James Hansen tell us there is hope if we peak emissions now and begin reducing our use of fossil fuels by at least 6-8%/year. We trust him. We need to make sure it happens for the sake of our own future.

With a generous grant from the Threshold Foundation, we are revising our website (you’ll notice quickly that the rest of the site is still old…hang on…our new awesome site will be up soon) and building up our social media presence to organize campaigns and give youth a voice in their communities.

Sign up here to get involved. We’ll be creating a speakers bureau, organizing more marches and other actions, and collecting youth stories to send to judges and senators and CEOs. You can get started by helping to pressure President Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands project that heads us EXACTLY in the wrong direction. Our voices matter.



Youth are marching in the streets… Standing up in courts… And speaking out to their peers and leaders about climate change – the most critical issue of our time. iMatter is raising up a new generation of story-tellers and public speakers to inform and empower their communities to take action. Contact us more info or follow this link to fill out an application for the iMatter Youth Council.


As we make links between our lives and the climate crisis, our stories can change hearts and minds of our leaders. Tell your story through writing, art or video and submit them. Each month, iMatter will release a new video and a new opportunity to share your story and organize an action in your community. Our voices must be heard.


Okay, so here’s what you do: 1. Watch the video (above) highlighting one of the iMatter youth plaintiffs telling their story about how they are impacted by the climate crisis and what they’re doing about it. 2. Write a letter to President Obama telling him how the climate crisis impacts you. It can be a photo, artwork, a video, or a letter. 3. Upload it here.


Then sign THIS petition. And forward it to every one of your friends. President Obama has an opportunity to stand up for our generation on October 8. He has the power to prevent the Keystone XL pipeline transporting tarsands oil to Valero Oil in Texas. We are sick of corporate profits being prioritized over our futures.


Upload your stories and we will compile them along with the petition and a cover letter and deliver to President Obama, urging him to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. We will also share the stories (with your permission) as “declarations of harm” for our federal lawsuit, as evidence that youth throughout the world are deeply concerned about their climate and their future.

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